Welcome to World Cup Satellite on the 29th of September 2018


It is with great pleasure Bygdø Fencing Club welcome you to Oslo Cup 2018, a competition with long and strong traditions in Norwegian fencing. Our first tournament was in 1984 and in 2001 we were appointed as a World Cup Satellite tourament in cooperation with FIE and the Norwegian Fencing Federation.

We are very proud to live up to the standards of having a FIE tournament and it is worth mentioning that Norway was among the nine founders of FIE more than 100 years ago. In Norway fencing is also increasingly popular and we have had an increase of 50% of active fencers since 2010.

Oslo Cup is important for Norwegian fencing and it is a way for us to show our love to the sport and to present high quality fencing for the Norwegian audience. Normally around 20 nations are represented among more than 100 participants.

Our venue is modern and spacious are a located at Bygdøhus in Oslo. In 2012 and 2013 we hosted the finals in the Norwegian Opera house with more than 400 in the audience. 2012 was special for us as we had in the final the gold winner from London Olympics Ruben Limardo Gascon (VEN) meeting our own silver medalist Bartosz Piasecki. In 2013 we also celebrated and honored the 100 year jubilee of FIE. Other known winners are 2-times World Champion Nikolai Novosjolov (EST), silver medalist from 2008 Olympics Radoslaw Zawrotniak (POL) and Claus Severin Mørch (NOR) with several medals in world championships.

Traditionally our Oslo Cup have been a combined men and women Worl Cup Satellite competition. Due to reorganizing of the schedules this year by FIE it was not possible to host women this year, but we hope to be back next year with our combined offering. The women competition has always attracted top fencers especially from Estland, Poland and Italy and known names as Irina Embrich (EST), Katrina Lehis (EST) Lulia Beljaeva (EST) and Ewa Nelip (POL) have been with us several times.

Bygdø Fencing club in cooperation with the Norwegian Fencing Federation are looking forward to this year’s event on September 29th at Bygdøhus , Oslo and are looking forward to welcome top athletes from all over the world. We can promise you a well-organized competition in a friendly atmosphere.


Best regards from


Stig M.Herbern

President, Bygdø Fencing Club





Oslo Cup 2018 direkte på Nogres Fekteforbund YouTube kanal

Oslo Cup 2018 direct on Norway Fencing Federation YouTube channel 


All participants in Oslo Cup are welcome to training day (free fencing)


We are happy to see many fencers from top of the fencing world at Bygdøhus this weekend!